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List of amazing employee monitoring software for your organization


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Internet addiction has been increasing day by day. It has become a necessity for companies to keep a track of their employee’s online behavior. The employee monitoring software helps in keeping track of the employee’s internet browsing, application and email monitoring, keystroke tracking, accessing the camera of the systems, and many more. To save your employees and your company time, It Tech Gyan it is essential to opt for a solution that can eliminate all this easily.

There are several employee monitoring software available in the market. However, various factors need to be considered before buying any software. Here is the top employee monitoring software that are the top choices of companies.

  • Hubstaff

Being one of the top choices of companies, Hubstaff provides a convenient and easy employee tracking program without hindering their work time-to-time. Hubstaff is made to keep track of the employee’s work status without disturbing them. Hubstaff provides an alarm feature for the employee. The employee needs to set an alarm on Hubspot before starting their work. As soon as the employee goes offline or the screen stops, the alarm rings and the employer will know your work status. It is available for both Android and Mac systems.

  • Workpuls

Workpuls is an employee tracking software that helps companies keep track of all the employees easily. It is a cloud-based analytics software that is installed on the employee’s desktop. It also provides data-sharing encryption thus helping in securing the data of the company. The companies can easily track their day-to-day status of the work with the help of the software.

  • DeskTime

DeskTime is software that comes with a timestamp. The companies will easily get all the information about the number of hours an employee spent in the office. The software tracks the time as soon as he switches on the system till they log out. It will he companies to get an idea about the number of hours an employee is spending in the office and the extra hours spent by them.

  • BrowseReporter

BrowseReporter is software that provides complete data about the web browsing activities of the employee. The software can be handled easily from a central console that will help the organization to operate it as per their requirements. It tracks the browsing activities of the employees and collects proof about the misuse of the internet on their systems. It also provides a screen activity record and gives all the information to the organization about their activities.

  • Monitask

Monitask is used by organizations to enhances the performance, efficiency, accountability, how to buy ethereum in nigeria as well as productivity of their employees. The software provides time tracking and screenshot capturing features that help in keeping strong evidence about the misuse of the internet during their working hours. The authorities can keep track of their employee on any device they want while using Monitask.


Employee monitoring software is the most important software of the company. Many of the time, an employee can misuse the facilities and technology provided by them. To keep everything safe and increase productivity, choose the best software for your organization.


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