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UPDF – Essential PDF Editor with OCR for Lawyers to Manage Legal Documents


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Optical Character Recognition is an innovative technology that can help you make scanned documents searchable and editable. Lawyers can use this technology for reviewing, analyzing, and indexing legal documents. On the web, multiple tools can perform OCR PDFs, but relying on them is not wise because legal documents are quite confidential. Using unauthorized tools creates high chances of cyber theft. 

The most reliable tool that lawyers can use to perform OCR is UPDF. This tool’s results are highly accurate, meaning no one can object to your documents. Moreover, this user-friendly tool is not costly compared to other OCR-based tools.

Part 1: How Can the OCR Feature of UPDF Help Lawyers?

As a lawyer, you can use this tool to convert scanned images to editable and searchable PDFs. By doing so, you can easily detect the important information that will help you make your case strong. This Al-powered feature supports 38 languages to OCR PDFs, which is quite helpful in resolving cases of other citizens too. 

You can easily extract the information in three different layouts according to the requirement of the case. To extract the text and image from a scanned document, go for the text and picture-only layout. If you think the text in the clients’ documents is enough for study, use text over the page image layout to make the text searchable and editable.

The text under the page image layout can be used when you want to search for the text but not edit it. Apart from these layouts, this tool allows you to make court documents non-editable and non-searchable PDFs. This feature is best to secure your proofs from the opposite party.

Part 2: How to OCR PDFs with UPDF

After studying what is OCR feature of UPDF is, you will be searching for the guideline for using this advanced technology. Step-by-step instructions are provided in the following to use this feature of UPDF:

Step 1: Add the Legal Document in UPDF

Open the UPDF tool on your device and import the document through the drag-and-drop method. For your ease, you can also use the “Open File” button to import the document. Now move your mouse to select the “Recognize Text Using OCR” icon to enable OCR PDFs.

Step 2: Adjust the Page Range

After this, tap the “Page Range” dropdown menu and choose the “Custom” option. Afterward, set the starting and ending page numbers to adjust the page range. If you want to select all the even pages, go to the “Odd or Even Pages” section and choose the “Even Pages Only” option.

Step 3: Adjust the Image Resolution and Document Language

Access the “Image Resolution” dropdown menu and select the resolution of the image. If the image resolution is unknown, hit the “Detect Optimal Resolution” button. Now, click the “Document Language” section and choose the language of your document. 

Step 4: Adjust the Output Layout

Press the “Settings” icon of the layout and then mark the “Keep pictures” checkbox to create a document of a smaller size as compared to the original. Now, adjust the quality of the picture using the dropdown menu. Afterward, tap the “X” button and select the document layout using the “Layout” section. 

Step 5: Perform OCR of Document

After customizing all the OCR feature adjustments, press the “Perform OCR” button and wait for the process to complete. Now go to the “File” menu, choose the “Save As” option, and save the file in the desired location by giving the proper title. 

Part 3: Other Helpful Features of UPDF for Lawyers

UPDF is not just limited to the OCR technology because it has many other features as well, which are also best for lawyers. You will stand out in your court proceedings by using this extraordinary tool. After learning what is OCR, read the following features to understand how this tool is helpful for you:

  1. Convert Legal Documents

This intuitive tool allows you to convert legal PDF documents to other format files according to the court’s requirements. Multiple file formats options, such as image, Word, PowerPoint, and HTML, are available for your use. UPDF also allows you to make a spreadsheet of your PDF document, which is very helpful in creating the list of suspects.

  1. View Digital Proofs

It is easy to compare the digital proofs on UPDF as compared to other outdated tools. The reason is that you can quickly view two document pages simultaneously. Additionally, you can work on your case all day without any headache because it has a dark mode. Above all, this tool easily creates a slideshow of PDFs, which can be used to present proofs in front of the court.

  1. Share Contracts 

You can share the contracts with your clients using this blazing-fast tool. Even if your client doesn’t have this tool, you can still share the document with them via the link. You can also disallow the print, copy, and download permissions so the other party does not misuse them for their benefit.

  1. Combine Multiple Images

This outstanding allows you to assemble multiple images in a single continuous PDF file. You can use this file in court to present pictures of the crime scene. If you have other digital evidence in PDF format, like identity cards of suspects, you can incorporate them in the file along with images. 

  1. Edit Estate Documents

Sometimes, the buyers don’t agree to certain terms and conditions of the estate documents. You can save much of your time by editing it through UPDF rather than making a new one. Text, images, watermarks, and other elements can easily be edited with a breeze. Furthermore, the document background can be changed to make it clearer and more legible.


Long story short, UPDF saves many lawyers’ time and money. Its OCR PDF features make the working efficiency tenfold because it gives accurate results in minimum time. There are no chances of data theft as the tool is highly secure. Whether you have found a handwritten note or an old digital image during your case study, make it searchable and editable using UPDF.


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