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Amazon freight forwarder: How to ship the products?


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Do you run the ecommerce business? Have you any information on the freight forwarder? 

If you are selling online at Amazon, then you are definitely across the terms of the Amazon freight forwarders. Of course, exporting and importing are important elements of a lucrative business. However, we all know that the paperwork, regulations, and other processes involved in global trade are quite intimidating. 

You can expand it easily, but it will require a huge investment in logistics and technology licenses to ensure that everything runs smoothly. Yet, despite these logistics, the freight forwarders come. 

In this article, we will tell you how to ship your products using the Amazon FBA freight forwarder. If you want to get the complete information on the way of shipments, then check out the facts of the article. 

What is the Freight forwarder?

An FBA freight company is considered the international shipping company that provides the sellers with logistic services. In simple words, shipping firms can assist sellers while shipping their products to Amazon fulfillment centers. 

Some of these shipping firms also ship their goods from one country to another. It is for those sellers who will use the fulfillment by the merchant option. Check out the following services that are provided by the freight forwarder. 

  • Negotiate the shipping charges
  • Reservation for the cargo space
  • Consignment bookings
  • Testing the products 
  • Inventory management
  • Temporary storage, and many more

A way to ship the goods by using the freight forwarder

The process of shipping the products from your location to the Amazon fulfillment center is complex. Freight forwarders provide three transportation service options. These options differ in cost and speed. 

It is suggested to read all the following options first and then choose anyone that is best designated to the Amazon fulfillment center. 

Air freight

It is the shipping process that takes place through the air. In this, the goods are easily transported by commercial carriers. It is the fastest option, as well as the expensive shipping option. Air freight is considered a good option if you require express shipping or shipping the products in small quantities. 

Sea Freight

This method was consisting the shipping of large cargo in shipping vessels. This method of shipping is slow, but the best thing is that it is a cost-effective option. 

Ground freight 

It is the process of transporting goods by rail and land. In this way, goods are easily transported via truck from the factories to the airport. Then, from these ports to the Amazon fulfillment center by truck. This way is simply used in the conjunction with the first two ways. 


In this article, you will get information on how to ship the products using the freight forwarder. If you want to make a seamless shipping experience to Amazon, then you will definitely require the Amazon FBA freight forwarder. 

If you hire a reliable freight forwarder, then you do not worry about international shipping procedures.


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