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Simplifying Train Journeys with WhatsApp: Order Food and Check PNR with Ease


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The train will now be even more enjoyable for all of you who already like it. The ability to order food while traveling is now possible thanks to WhatsApp. Jio Hapik and the Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC) have partnered to provide customers with more practical options for food delivery inside of trains. Customers of Indian Railways can now use a WhatsApp chatbot to place food orders.

With the help of a WhatsApp chatbot and their PNR number, passengers on Indian Railways can now use Order Food in Train on WhatsApp,a service which will then be delivered right to their seats. The best thing about ordering meals is that you don’t even need to download the Zoop app. Any approaching train station that is a stop on your train route will receive the food delivery. You can swiftly and simply order your preferred food using the Whatsapp service.

When ordering food via WhatsApp while riding a train, Zoop partners with Haptik.

In order to provide train passengers with the convenience of food ordering and delivery while traveling by train, Jio Haptik Technologies Limited (Haptik), the largest provider of WhatsApp chatbot solutions in the world, and Zoop, a partner of IRCTC e-Catering for food delivery on trains, have partnered.

Customers can use the WhatsApp-based self-service train food delivery platform, which is powered by Haptik’s sophisticated Conversational Commerce capabilities, to place food orders and have it delivered directly to their seats with real-time order tracking, feedback, and support. At a few restaurants at predetermined railway stations, passengers can easily place food orders by using their PNR numbers.

The availability of high-quality food on trains has increased thanks to the WhatsApp chatbot platform, which also aids users in overcoming network connectivity issues. 91 7042062070 is the WhatsApp number to reach Zoop.

Ways to order food using WhatsApp.

Follow these easy steps to use this chatbot platform to Order Food in Train on WhatsApp from a restaurant using WhatsApp. which makes placing food orders on trains less difficult.

First, tap Hello in the WhatsApp chat window. A notification with a button to choose options appears.

To order food, select that option.

You must give your PNR number. Select the search by station or search by train options and enter the required information if you can’t remember it right away.

For example, the station where you want your food, the restaurant where you want your food, and then the food itself.

While Haptik currently rules WhatsApp commerce, WhatsApp is by far the most widely used messaging app. Swapan Rajdev, co-founder and chief technology officer of Haptik, in the press release as saying that “our strong Conversational Commerce solution enables businesses like Zoop India to use WhatsApp as a platform to drive orders and create wonderful customer experience.”. Therefore, get ready to book dinner on a train via WhatsApp with Zoop.

Zoop and WhatsApp are applications.

You can order through the IRCTC’s Zoop meal delivery app by using the Order Food in Train on WhatsApp service. Zoop can  reach on WhatsApp at 7042062070. The real-time service will end the network gap that frequent travelers encounter. Additionally, it will allow them to use the WhatsApp chatbot to order food in trains and have it brought to their seats. Through a variety of services, such as UPI and netbanking, online payments can be made using the Zoop Food Delivery App. Text the following number to the WhatsApp chatbot for Zoop to place a food order. You’ll be asked by the chatbot a few simple questions.

The best way to check a PNR’s status.

PNR, also referred to as a PNR number or PNR code, is an electronic detail made up of numbers and letters. That occurred following a train reservation.  Just a few of the  procedures must finish in order to check the status of your PNR.

The WhatsApp chatbot’s quick instructions are below. You can track the specifics of your Indian train journey. Therefore, use WhatsApp to order food in train as well as to check the PNR status of your train.

Enter 91 7042062070 to add the Zoop WhatsApp chatbot’s phone number to your contacts. Visit WhatsApp Web on a computer by going to https://wa . me/ 91 7042062070.

So look for it there, the Zoop chat box on WhatsApp.

Your 10-digit PNR number must enter before the WhatsApp conversation box can be seen. It is necessary to select a discussion icon.

The chatbot will provide you with your most recent PNR status as well as the train number and estimated departure time.

To alert and to get the most recent train information. In addition, you can enter your PNR number using the WhatsApp chatbot.

Using the zoop app, you can use this method to see the status of your PNR.


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