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Top 10 tech trends that will tranform education


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The immense creations and marvels of technology have brought ease and luxury to man’s life. 

New technology creations are continuously bringing changes and advancement in our daily lives. Every ounce of our energy is wrapped around technology, from eating clothing to studying.

According to projections, the I.T. business will be worth more than $5.3 trillion in 2022. The technology industry in the United States is predicted to grow at a CAGR of 5% through 2024. By 2025, cloud computing is expected to increase at a CAGR of 17.5%.

There were 4.66 billion active internet users globally in January 2021, accounting for 59.5 per cent of the global population. 92.6 per cent (4.32 billion) of this total used mobile devices to access the Internet.

So is the scenario in the Education field, the technology bringing advancements and Ease to students and Teachers.

Struggles in the Education field faced by Students and Teachers are washed away by technological developments.

By detecting individual skills and providing as needed, technology assists in identifying learning gaps, increasing engagement, and better monitoring progress over time. The use of technology in today’s day assists parents in tracking movement and development in their child’s education.

Parents who were previously concerned about their children’s technology usage and screen time are now optimistic about how tech integration in the classroom prepares pupils for the future in the digital world.

The EdTech market was worth USD 254. Eighty billion in 2021 and is predicted to be worth USD 605. Forty billion by 2027, increasing at a 15.52 per cent CAGR during the forecast period.

The SaaS-based Edtech Industry has been so trending that it eases the primary struggles of Edtech Marketing Agency and SaaS Marketing Agency.

Edtech Marketing Agency and SaaS Marketing Agency are working out creative strategies to improve their popularity.

The top tech trends that will transform education are:

  • A.I. Learning.
  • Smart Classes
  • IoT
  • Online Learning
  • AR/VR
  • Security
  • Chatbots
  • Accessibility
  • Text to Voice.
  • Voice to text. 

Artificial Intelligence:

  • A.I. provides excellent services to students, educators, and instructors by providing personalized information.
  • Guiding to the required information and skipping the unnecessary part.
  • A.I. can help predict and interpret students’ interests and styles and get them customized content.
  • Customized instruction, assessment, progress analysis, and so on will increasingly accelerate the system by incorporating artificial intelligence. Simultaneously, it will become a curriculum component as India begins to make headway in adjusting to the NEP 2020.

Smart Classes:

  • Innovative Classes brought a new vision and a new thought dimension about learning methods.
  • It has proved that education can be fun and beneficial simultaneously. 
  • Innovative Classes provide a remarkable advantage to entice students with low interest in studying and motivate them to learn.


  • IoT is termed as Internet of things. They are the physical objects connected with sensors, Software and Processing abilities.
  • Some Examples of IoT are Siri, Alexa, Amazon echo etc.
  • IoT products are helping students with quick responses and required information.

Online Learning:

  • During the up and downs due to Covid 19 pandemic, All the educational Institutes switched to Online Learning.
  • The change was new, and students took time to adapt to it, but it brought a lot of advantages and ease for the students.
  • Students naturally had to embrace the technology and work with it, coaching them to master the technology.
  • Many students showed interest in coding and other I.T. subjects and started studying them with much more interest.


  • A.R. stands for Augmented Reality, and V.R. stands for Virtual Reality.
  • A.R. and V.R. have brought real fun in studying, and It plays an essential role in educating students through virtuals and giving them a better vision.


  • Edtech provides teachers with secure software to prepare Exam papers and secure the answer sheets and assignments of the students.


  • Chatbots have eased the teachers’ workload by providing an automated answer system with the help of Robotic Process Automation for the students’ queries.
  • Chatbots are mainly of two types
  • FAQ Chatbots
  • Domain Specified Chatbots.
  • FAQ chatbots are regarding the Frequently asked Questions, whereas Domain specified School administration departments mainly use chatbots to answer queries related to admission.
  • Chatbots also help ease the queries related to Edtech and SaaS, thus reducing stress for Edtech Marketing Agency and SaaS Marketing Agency.


  • Edtech provides students and teachers with this beneficial feature of accessing classroom and resource materials and other kinds of stuff anywhere at any time.

Text to Voice:

  • Text to Voice is a unique feature for Auditory learners.
  • It helps students convert their resource materials and other texts into the Voice for better learning.

Voice to Text:

  • Voice to text is a striking and time-saving feature for the students.
  • It helps them with easy note-taking, avoiding spelling mistakes and much more.
  • These top features help Edtech Marketing Agency and SaaS marketing Agency in beneficial Marketing.


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