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Laser Book 247 overview


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Laser Book 247 was established in 2008 by Jason Trost. Attempting to model the fundamentals of financial trading within the framework of a betting exchange. In recent years, Laser 247 has experienced rapid expansion in order to compete with Betfair.

Let’s have a look at what everything is available, shall we?

Laser Book 247 provides users with access to a variety of betting markets, including those pertaining to sports, current events, and politics.

You may access all of the betting markets via the menu on the left. The Laser Book 247 desktop site provides an organised and straightforward user experience. There is a tremendous variety of betting markets for both the present and the future.

Laser Book 247 sign up User experience

The presentation is polished and expert all the way through. The betting odds are displayed in a straightforward manner. Back bets are shown in the green box, and lay bets are displayed in the blue box.

Laser Book 247 sign up ‘s markets had a poor reputation for liquidity in prior years, which hurt the company’s reputation. But, there is now a significant amount of money available to match your wagers.

On the desktop site or the mobile site, you can select either a dark or a light coloured theme. It’s always wonderful to have options to choose from.

The website for Laser Book 247 sign up is well designed and simple to use. Using the search tool helps one locate less obvious marketplaces.

Particularly when it comes to matched betting in stores, the website is a delight to use at home on a personal computer or on a mobile device.

Let’s move on to talking about the most important aspects of Laser Book 247.

Laser Book 247 Quick Match

Your in-play matched betting will become more effective as a result of the Laser Book 247 Quick Match feature.

There is no delay in the immediately occurring in-play betting. Bets that are placed during a game are subject to a confirmation time that lasts between 8 and 12 seconds. If a significant event takes place that has the potential to change the odds, then your wager will not be matched.

When betting on markets that move quickly, having this tool available is helpful.

Additional features

“Keep Bets In-play”

You are able to preserve unmatched bets at the time when a market becomes active thanks to the Keep Bets In-Play feature.

Bettors and traders who participate in in-play matched betting will love using this tool.

“Trade Out”

You are able to cash out exchange bets by utilising the Trade Out function. Very helpful for matched betting offers involving 2up.

Users are able to trade in and out before and during the contest. On the betting market, there will be a “Trade Out” button displayed next to your selection at all times. To successfully complete a trade out, select the “Trade Out” option from the drop-down menu, and then click the confirmation button.

Laser Book 247 whatsapp number Customer support

Via their live chat feature at Laser Book 247 whatsapp number, customers may get assistance whenever they need it at Laser Book 247. The operators are able to provide answers to any questions you may have regarding your Laser Book 247 whatsapp number account.

Additional assistance alternatives include contacting the company via telephone (during business hours during the week), via email, or via Twitter.


Laser Book 247 are a popular betting exchange. They have made strides in recent years, introducing a platform for exchange that is both quick and easy to use.

Each of the betting exchanges offers a unique set of advantages. Nonetheless, over the past few years, Laser Book 247 has served as my primary trading platform of choice.

It will be fascinating to observe how Laser Book 247 register develops in the coming years. Alternatives are available through Betdaq, Betfair, and Matchbook.

Laser Book 247 register Mobile app

The Laser Book 247 register mobile app can be downloaded from the Apple App Store for use on Apple-branded mobile devices. Users of the Android operating system can look for the software on the Google Play Store.

You’ll have access to the same features that are available on the desktop and mobile platforms. Backing and laying bets, in-play wagering, and odds that are updated in real time are all available.


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