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The Best Car Accessories Under $25


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When you’re on a tight budget, it’s easy to feel like you must settle for an old car that doesn’t fit your lifestyle. But with these affordable accessories, you can give your vehicle a whole new lease on life.

Umbrella holder.

An umbrella holder is one of the most useful accessories you can buy. It keeps your car clean, and it’s easy to install. You can also use it for other items like a water bottle or phone charger, depending on what you need to carry in your car. You can place an umbrella holder in front or back of your vehicle and on either side of your car (like in a truck bed).

Portable car vacuum.

A portable car vacuum is a small hand-held device that can help you clean your car on the go. The best thing about it is that it’s easy to use and very lightweight, making it perfect for quick cleanups while traveling or running errands around town.

Attach the nozzle to your vehicle’s power outlet, turn on the machine, and start vacuuming! Or, if you don’t have power outlets in your car (and who does?), plug into your cigarette lighter or use batteries instead. This type of vacuum has two separate heads—one with brushes for carpets/upholstery and another for hard floors—so you can easily switch between surfaces as needed without changing attachments first. Ensure enough suction from both sides before cleaning so that nothing gets stuck on either side while moving them around; otherwise, they won’t be able to do their job correctly!

Plastic trunk organizer.

A trunk organizer is an excellent method for maintaining a tidy and well-organized cargo space in your vehicle. It is a shelf system for groceries, tools, and other items you want to stay dry and separate in the trunk.

This particular one is plastic, so it should be easy to install. Plus, it has hooks that can hang bags on, making them easier to reach when needed. The organizers are also removable, so if you want them in your car only sometimes (or if you want more than one), they aren’t stuck there permanently!

First aid kit.

Having a first aid kit in your car is essential, but keeping one at home is equally important. A first aid kit can save your life (or someone else’s) in an accident or injury. The best kits are small, portable, and easy to use. A good starter kit should include bandages and gauze rolls, antiseptic wipes and alcohol swabs for cleaning cuts and abrasions; thermometers for detecting fevers; pain relievers like ibuprofen or aspirin; tweezers for removing splinters; scissors that can cut through clothing; safety pins (a good idea if you’re traveling with children); eye wash solution or sterile water in case someone gets something in their eyes. Creating a first aid kit can be done using items found at home or purchasing ready-made equipment from a pharmacy or a large retailer such as Walmart.

Dashboard phone mount.

If you’re like me, you’ve probably seen the dashboard phone mount on Amazon and thought, “Well, that looks like an okay item.” Or maybe it was more like, “I wonder if that’s worth $25?”

The good news is: It is! A dashboard mount is a great way to keep your phone accessible while driving without having it distracting from or obstruct your view. You can use it to read directions, listen to music, or make hands-free calls—and for just about $20-25 dollars (or less), why wouldn’t you?

In my opinion, there are two types of dashboard mounts: one where you attach an adhesive pad directly onto the back of your phone case and then stick it onto your dash, and another where the mountain itself sticks onto the energy and then holds your phone by either suction cups or clamps. The former type seems more straightforward but is also more prone to falling off at some point, whereas, with the latter type, there’s generally only a chance of losing your device if someone comes along with sticky fingers.

Car trash can.

The car trash can is a perfect gift for the driver in your life. It’s sturdy, easy to clean, and won’t spill as you make turns on the freeway. You can put it next to the driver’s seat or under one of your seats so it’s out of sight when not in use. Many styles are available, including ones with cute designs or animal shapes. Some even have hinges at their bases so they can be folded up quickly if not needed at a given time!

Seat cushions.

Seat cushions are an affordable way to protect your vehicle’s interior from dirt, grime, and pet hair. This is especially useful if your kids or pets frequently ride in your car. Choose between a seat cover or cushion depending on how much comfort you want from the cushioning. Some people like the feel of a cushion more than having a blanket over their seats, but there are advantages to both kinds:

Cushions can be easily removed when needed, so they’re ideal for protecting your seats during specific situations like taking pets for rides or visiting friends at home who may have children around who like to sit in their laps while traveling. They also make great temporary beds for guests!

Seat covers are durable materials that withstand daily wear and tear but look friendly against leather or fabric interiors (or even faux leather). The best part about these products is how easy they are to clean—wipe off any dirt with mild soap and water, then hang them up once dry so they’ll be ready next time!

Interior lights set.

For $10-15, you can find a great interior light set. The lights are available in various colors and patterns, from traditional to modern. They are easy to install and can be used to decorate your car or give it an extra pop of color.

Emergency roadside kit.

You should never be stranded on the side of the road. Keeping an emergency roadside kit in your vehicle is wise to prevent emergencies while driving. It should include a flashlight, spare tire repair kit, jack, lug wrench, tire pressure gauge (to ensure your tires are properly inflated), ice scraper, blanket, and first aid kit—all small enough to fit into a medium-sized toolbox.

You may also want to consider adding a fire extinguisher; survival knife; survival whistle; signal mirror; reflective triangles (for traffic visibility at night); reflective vest (for traffic visibility during day/night); flare gun or flares; collapsible shovel with pickaxe head (in case you need to dig yourself out of snow).

Air freshener spray.

Air freshener spray is a great way to make your car smell amazing, but some air fresheners are better than others. Here are some tips for choosing the best one:

  • Choose an unscented product. Some of the most popular scents, like pine and cinnamon, can irritate allergies or even trigger asthma attacks in sensitive people. If you have a specific brand that you love, try switching to any scentless version they offer instead.
  • Gain-based sprays over liquids or wipe-on products are more concentrated and less likely to spill in your car. They also dry faster than other sprays, so they won’t leave behind a sticky residue on your dashboard and console that could attract dirt and dust over time (yuck!).
  • Could you keep it away from pets? If you have furry friends who love hanging out in their human ride, keep them away from air fresheners containing citrus oils because these can cause respiratory problems when ingested by cats or dogs (or even humans). 

These inexpensive accessories will help make your car more organized and convenient.

A car accessory should help make your car more organized and convenient. These inexpensive accessories will help you do just that.

A magnetic phone mount: These mounts stick to the surface of your dashboard, allowing you to securely place your phone in a convenient location for easy viewing. They also keep your phone off the floorboard, making it easier to reach and less likely to be damaged in an accident. There are options for iPhones and Android phones (you can search online for “iPhone car mount”). 

If this isn’t something that interests you, there are other options such as suction cup mounts for navigation systems or hands-free kits with speakers built into them so that drivers can safely use their phones while driving without having them on speakerphone or holding up their hand at all times while they’re going on highways or busy city streets where cell service is spotty at best due to congestion levels being high enough where no matter how good one’s coverage may seem during regular hours of operation within certain areas

If traffic gets heavy enough due to road construction projects being conducted by local governments because they’ve been underfunded since before 2008 when Barack Obama became president then connectivity drops off considerably until those repairs are completed which takes years longer than expected due because contractors don’t want risk losing money by finishing early so they end up taking twice as long than what was initially planned originally budgeted for completion costs which drives up prices even higher making everything worse around here.”


We’ve convinced you that you can buy many great accessories for your car that cost just $25 or less. And while they may be unable to fix everything wrong with your ride, they will make driving it a little more convenient and pleasant! These small investments could save you money in the long run because they help keep your car running smoothly and safely. After all, isn’t that what matters? If you like this, please take a look at our blog.


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