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Do’s And Don’ts of Shipping on eBay


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EBay is the second largest global shopping place. To flourish a eBay Business Account as eBay sellers, shipping can be the point of cynosure to win the customers confidence. The adroit selection of packaging, correct and reasonable courier service, and box size will at the end this will ameliorate your product. If the shipping product isn’t received by the customer flawlessly, the deal could be derogated and leads to disaster . The best possible solution, to avoid shipping problems is to plan your shipping process before eBay Listing, therefore, determine mode of shipping item, and prices respectively. Shipping is considered a jugular vein of the business, therefore, you must research the shipping methods of  your products. Here are a few do’s and don’ts: in order to boost your business on eBay as a seller.

List items before knowing shipping cost, is futile

Usually people consider product listing as the first and foremost important step but for beginners, I think mode and method of shipping is the essential first step to work on. Therefore, calculate shipping cost and decide shipping method before even listing items. Keeping in view the shipping charges you may be better in position to decide the price of product and instead of profit get lost in business. Furthermore, this will ultimately help you to get rid of problems at the timing of shipping. Hence, decide the shipping method first hand prior to item listing.

Do not use any old box you find around. 

It is essential to choose a proper box for product packaging. Use a proper size box, according to product shape, size, and nature. If the product is delicate and sensitive, use a protective covering and secure it to get damaged. Do not use any old and pathetic box you find around at home for product shipment, this will definitely ruin your business impression because first impression is the last impression. You may reuse the box if it is in good condition.

Do not use boxes with other brand egregious logos

It is not favorable to use boxes of other brands’ products, because it will ultimately not give a good impression on customers. For instance, if you wrap or ship products in a pamper box  or pizza box it looks inappropriate and it’s not a desirable act in order to plan a business in the long run. Hence, try to avoid using awkward brand packaging for product shipment. 

Use proper box fillers

If your item is small and the packing box is a bit large, there are quite chances of your product to get damaged, therefore, it is favorable to resize your box according to your product and fill the gap with appropriate stuff. Air fillers are cheap and good to provide a caution for the product. Avoid using crippled paper and plastic bags to fill the space instead use air jackets. 

Take picture of your expensive articles after packing and before shipping 

To be on the safe side it is advised that the seller must take a picture of an expensive and delicate item before packing and shipping so that the customer will be satisfied. Furthermore, if the product is not reached to the customer flawlessly then you may claim  compensation through providing the pictures you have taken earlier.

Take accurate measurements of your shipping item

Shipping product cost merely depends upon the measurement, weight of the article. Therefore, appropriate box size and shape will help to take measurements which in return help in shipping item cost calculation and expenditures.   

Don’t violate shipping time

Shipping timings certainly play a key role to win the customers heart. Therefore, it is essential to keep in mind the timings of product dispatch. Do not ship too early and too late. Both sides will harm your impression. Payment receive time must be set-up.

More than one shipping option:

You can offer more than one shipping option may be included overnight so that it satisfies the buyer who may want a specific method of shipment.


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