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NetBase Quid Social Media Monitoring Is More Effective Than Traditional PR Monitoring


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Social media monitoring is analyzing the digital activity of a consumer or prospect, enabling you to determine the impact and depth of associated activities. Monitoring software helps companies follow trending topics, measure the popularity of brands and products, spot emerging competitors, and conduct extensive market research. Also known as content monitoring or web monitoring, it is the process of discovering, capturing, and analyzing the use of digital content (blogs, Facebook, Twitter, etc.) by audiences (residents or visitors) in order to understand consumer behavior and increase the relevance of marketing activities.

Clients across the marketing, retail, tech and entertainment industries are using NetBase Quid to take their audiences from research to growth. NetBase Quid is headquartered in San Francisco. It is the first full analytics platform to combine native social monitoring with other elements. There are several companies offering a broad range of services that focus the same. However, these firms are often more concerned with aggregating and analyzing data for analysis than in providing timely insights into what people are saying or doing on social media.

Proprietary Technologies

Over the last year, NetBase Quid has leveraged its proprietary technologies to bring social monitoring to the next level. This is the one that has been in the news lately, the concept that social media is making things very difficult for brands. A social media monitoring platform is very useful, but there are some ways that a digital marketing company can use it to their advantage.

Social media monitoring enables companies to better understand consumer behavior and then gauge what factors influence their purchasing decision-making, resulting in a more effective customer engagement strategy. Consequently, a well-designed social media monitoring strategy generates better results than previous strategies. This is achieved with analyzing social media data and learning about your customers through customer personas, mobile and email.

Unique Tool

Social monitoring is a unique tool that is used by marketing and PR teams to observe and analyze social media and provide targeted updates about a brand’s reputation in real-time. For example, many companies will monitor Twitter to track mentions of their brand, competitors, influencers, and the latest trends, then gather other information such as click-stream data to track customers, online surveys, and live chats to uncover deeper insights into a company’s customer perception.

How is NetBase Quid different?

NetBase Quid is the only social monitoring platform that delivers multivariate social insights that can be leveraged to not only discover trends and formulate the ideal social media marketing plan, but also uncover connections, new relationships and potential products data and deliver an unparalleled combination of online, offline and contextual data.

The process allows you to learn as much about your target audience as possible by analyzing what they are talking about and sharing online. For instance, you can learn which competitors are popular with your target audience based on their Facebook page post engagement. You can also determine how much your target audience uses a particular social media channel, and if they are using it more frequently, if they share certain posts more frequently, and if they favor certain brands and topics.

NetBase Quid Benefits

NetBase Quid helps you take your social monitoring to the next level, by giving you the opportunity to view how they are discussing the product, brand, or competitor. It integrates with many of the leading marketing technology solutions, such as Adobe Campaign, Salesforce and Adobe Analytics.

NetBase Quid can quickly and accurately analyze and correlate thousands of social media interactions across hundreds of millions of consumers with geolocation, demographics and more. Social media monitoring is a powerful way to monitor and measure the progress and performance of your brand and marketing efforts. While search marketing and paid media tracking are the traditional routes to marketing insights, social media monitoring is the next best way.


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